Hypnotherapist, Berkshire

Ann Kenney Yoga

Tel: 07786 347575

E-mail: ann.kenney1@btinternet.com

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Ann offers hypnotherapy sessions on:

  • stress management
  • habits
  • fears/phobias
  • building self confidence
  • motivation
  • analysis
  • panic attacks
  • anxiety
  • any emotional issues

"Doing something well, consistently, is not an accident - it is a process. Doing something badly, consistently, is not an accident - it is a process"


Stop Smoking

STOP SMOKING in a single two-hour session. If you would like more information - call me on 07786 347575 or visit www.annkenneyhypnotherapy.co.uk


Weight Management

I have many enquiries as a yoga teacher about weight management. If you have tried diets and find that you lose the weight but then regain it, you might want to consider using hypnotherapy for weight management? Hypnotherapy offers a completely different approach. Clients are encouraged to look at why weight is a problem in the first place. Is it mindless eating? Or is there a deeper emotional problem behind the weight? If you recognise either of these you might like to read more about weight management at www.annkenneyhypnotherapy.co.uk


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